Terms & Conditions

Updated: February 20, 2024

This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement”) forms a binding legal contract between Kinohero and its clients, covering the use of Kinohero’s website and related services. By accessing our site, clients agree to these terms. Non-compliance results in the immediate cessation of website use and terminates the client-Kinohero relationship, except for ongoing payment obligations for services rendered.

1. Intellectual Property

Kinohero owns all content and marks on its website, protected under copyright, trademark, and intellectual property laws. Use of our website’s content for commercial purposes without our explicit consent is strictly prohibited, preserving our full rights.

2. Material Ownership

Clients retain copyright of projects created by Kinohero, with all original designs and files belonging to the client. Kinohero assigns any inadvertent ownership rights back to the client. Clients must ensure provided materials don’t infringe on third-party rights. Kinohero may showcase client designs publicly unless otherwise agreed.

3. Third-Party Fonts

If projects use commercially licensed fonts, Kinohero will inform clients, who must then secure necessary licenses. Kinohero ensures clients are aware of their responsibilities regarding third-party fonts.

4. Client Commitments

Clients affirm their legal capacity to agree to these terms, promising not to misuse the website or engage in illegal activities. Kinohero’s website is intended for lawful and authorized use only.

5. Usage Restrictions

Clients are prohibited from unauthorized website use and activities that compromise website security or integrity. Kinohero maintains the right to restrict access or take legal action against misuse.

6. Feedback Ownership

Feedback becomes Kinohero’s property, with unrestricted use rights. Clients waive claims to feedback used by Kinohero.

7. Management Rights

Kinohero monitors its website for compliance, reserving the right to take legal or restrictive action against violations.

8. Privacy Agreement

By using our website, clients consent to our Privacy Policy and data handling practices, including data transfer to the U.S.

9. Refund Policy

Kinohero’s refund policies are discretionary. Initial month refunds result in Kinohero retaining ownership of produced materials.

10. Amendments

Kinohero reserves the right to modify website content and these terms at its discretion.

11. Service Continuity

We do not guarantee uninterrupted website access and are not liable for losses due to service disruptions.

12. Governing Law

These terms are governed by California law, with legal actions filed within its jurisdiction.

13. Disclaimers

Kinohero disclaims all warranties related to the website, assuming no liability for indirect damages or service disruptions.

14. Liability and Indemnification

Clients indemnify Kinohero against losses from website misuse, with Kinohero not liable for direct or indirect damages.

15. Data Responsibility

Clients are responsible for their data, with Kinohero not liable for data loss or corruption.

16. Electronic Communications

Clients consent to electronic communications and transactions, agreeing to electronic records and signatures.

17. Design Showcasing

Kinohero may share client designs digitally, subject to client agreement and possible NDA restrictions.

18. General Provisions

These terms represent the full agreement between Kinohero and its clients, with any unenforceable provision not affecting the remainder.

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